Emerald and gold

Butterflies are having a bad year and are thin on the ground, so I have been entertaining myself with other little beasties. This beautiful, iridescent emerald-coloured beetle is a member of the flower beetle family with the name Oedemera nobilis. It has several English names too such as thick-legged flower beetle or swollen-thighed flower beetle, although only the females have the fat thighs. It eats flower pollen and nectar and is pictured on a common-rock rose.

Emerald thick-legged flower beetle on a common rock rose flower
Emerald thick-legged flower beetle on a common rock rose flower

Glorious Summer!

Two spot ladybird amongst pastel meadow grasses

two spot ladybird in pastel meadow grasses

It is amazing how much has changed in a month – both in nature and in my home life…

We finally moved in to our bungalow, the builders have gone and so have most of the cardboard boxes. I am finally starting to relax as the stresses and strains of 18 months of a major renovation project and house selling and buying start to fade. We are loving living in the light and airy space we dreamt of and designed at last.

And the sun has finally come out with a vengeance, bringing a flaming July in place of the flaming June of the proverbs. The wheat and barley is turning golden, the rape has gone to seed and everything is becoming parched and bleached from day after day of unrelenting blue skies. As I explore the local trails the meadows are displaying beautiful pastel shades of greens, pinks and beiges with hundreds of ringlet, meadow brown, skipper and gatekeeper butterflies flitting up as you walk through the grasses. They are host to many other mini creatures too and I was pleased to capture this shot of a ladybird, which evokes, for me at least, the feeling of the gloriously hot halcyon days of summer we’re experiencing right now.