Water Meadow Wildlife

Little owl on chimney stack
Little owl on chimney stack
Little owl on chimney stack

One of the most challenging things about relocating to Norfolk has been having to seek out new wildlife havens.

After four years in Oxfordshire I had finally begun to get a really good feel for nature in my the “local patch” through the seasons and which places to visit when.

Starting all over again in a new environment with very different habitats and species has been a little daunting at times, but is also very exciting.

I have been discovering that Norfolk, known for being “big sky” county, is far from being just flat plains and wetland; there is a suprising variety of habitats including heathlands, forests, water meadows, golden beaches, dunes and coastal saltmarshes as well as the famous broads, marshes and fens.

My explorations are starting to yield dividends though and I passed a pleasant sunny (yes, sunny!) evening in golden light at a nearby water meadow.

In just a few hours I had sightings of barn owls, a little owl (my second sighting of a wild little owl and giving me my first ever photo) as well as a roe deer, grey heron and a kingfisher.


Promising indeed….